"Sweet Memories" Collector's Edition features tracks that Eddie Sulik recorded as lead singer of the Echoes in 1959 with studio backing by Nashville Legends: Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Joe Zinkan, Buddy Harman, and the Anita Kerr Singers. These classic tracks were recorded at the legendary 'Bradley Film and Recording Studio' in Nashville Tennessee. All four tracks received Billboard acclaim in 1960. Out of print for 40 years; finding them reissued is truly a collector's dream come true.


Also featuring 11 rock and roll and country recordings mixed from Eddie Sulik's original demo archives. These tracks (#5-15) were produced by the late artist during the 1950s. With said tracks being previously unreleased, as a collector's item it doesn't get any better than this.

All album tracks have been pain-stakingly restored, and remastered to perfection by world re-knowned engineer, Graham Newton; who was also responsible for mastering many of the original Beatles' LPs for Canadian issue during the 1960s.


Track #1.) "Bye-Bye My Baby" (THE ECHOES EDDIE SULIK)

Track #2.) "Do I Love You? - 'Deed I Do" (THE ECHOES EDDIE SULIK)

Track #3.) "Loving and Losing" (THE ECHOES EDDIE SULIK)

Track #4.) "Ecstasy" (THE ECHOES EDDIE SULIK)

Track #5.) "Wishing" (I Wish)
Track #6.) "My Lonely Heart"

Track #7.) "Who" (Pop Arrangement)

Track #8.) "Mmm-Hmm, Oh Boy"
Track #9.) "Loving and Losing" (Demo Mix)
Track #10.) "Just A Dream"
Track #11.) "Do I Love You? - 'Deed I Do" (Demo Mix)
Track #12.) "You Oughta' See My Baby"
Track #13.) "Bye-Bye My Baby" (Demo Mix)
Track #14.) "Andrea" (Guitar Instrumental)
Track #15.) "Sweet Memories"

(Approximately 50% More Music Than The Average LP Released in 1960)


Note: All selections previously mentioned are original compositions, written by (the late) Eddie Sulik, (Hard Rock Hattie Publishing LLC. -BMI)



This special package also includes a "ruby-red" colored vinyl 45 R.P.M. collector's record (reissue) of the Echoes' Hit songs "Bye-Bye My Baby" and "Do I Love You? - 'Deed I Do". With only a few of the original waxes left in circulation, up until now, most collectors have only seen these titles on the pages of the best known collectible records price guides.

The original 1960 pressing of this record was on a (non-durable) polystyrene type material. Because of this, most of the remaining 'first issues' are left in poor condition. That is, if you can find them at all.
This special 40th Anniversary pressing gives both, collectors, and music enthusiasts a rare opportunity to own a premium quality version of this classic Wax. Pressed for the first time ever on (limited) jewel-tone colored vinyl.

This version has been mastered using the latest in state-of-the-art technology. Just wait 'til you hear the difference that CEDAR audio restoration and DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) make.

Collector's record also includes a vintage (style) plastic spindle adaptor, and jukebox title card to label this Hot Wax among your favorites in your home jukebox. Hey, if you don't have your own jukebox, hang on to the title card, after all, how often do you come across one of these.

For the true 1950s nostalgia collector, both the "Sweet Memories" record jacket and the 11X17 color pin-up poster (enclosed), incorporate a vintage pin-up beauty, painted by the legendary pin-up artist of the time, Gil Elvgren. The flip-side of this poster hi-lights rare B&W photos of Eddie Sulik, including some of his performances during the 1950s.

A 7" gatefold album jacket houses this incredible collection. Opening like a book, its high quality stock and 'four color' print present interesting artwork, vivid color photographs, and detailed liner notes. After all, what would a vintage album collection be without a great record jacket? Something to study that actually tells a story through words and pictures, while we listen to great music: that's what it's all about!

Note: Complete collector's set, w/both sides of poster are shown above.


Quantities of the "Sweet Memories" Collector's Album are extremely limited. They will be available only on a first-come-first-serve basis.


ORDER CD COLLECTOR'S PACKAGE ONLINE FOR THE SPECIAL PRICE OF ONLY $15.99 + $3 S&H, OR $10.99 + $3 S&H FOR CASSETTE (Note: cassette does not include poster or vinyl record)


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  Or Order by mail by sending payment to: Hard Rock Hattie Productions, LLC. P.O. Box 147, Plymouth, CT. 06782, U.S.A. (note: all payments must be in U.S. curreny; checks and money orders must be drawn on U.S. banks.)


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